Beyond millennials: Influencer marketing for older generations

There are over 270,000 Google results for the search term “marketing to millennials.” This demographic is set to officially become the largest living adult generation in 2019, with population numbers soaring to 73 million. It’s no wonder so many brands are focused on cracking this diverse, evolving segment with over $200 billion in buying power.

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How to vlog (even if your life isn’t that interesting)

How many You Tube videos have you seen recently of a blogger going to some lavish destination, or doing something totally outlandish?

Or how many Instagram models have you seen posting with the perfect urban backdrop or beach sunset?

Their lives look pretty incredible, right?

How To Vlog Even If Your Life Isn't Interesting (1)

Well in some respects, for many of them, yes, they get to do some cool things in life. 

And I get it, it may be hard to take me seriously when you see videos from places like Japan or the Maldives.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 

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How to be a vlogging superstar

My love affair with the blogosphere started years ago.  I was deeply in love in the beginning, but like all great infatuations, things cooled down over time.  My brilliant post ideas did not come as fast and furious.  I was faced with the challenge of figuring out how to continue to discuss topics that mattered to me, while still capturing my readers’ interest.

Lucky for me, I discovered vlogging

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