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JVlog refers to a community of video bloggers, known as vloggers, that live in Japan. The JVlog community is made up of foreign and Japanese nationals that make videos for YouTube. The JVlog community has many get togethers across Japan throughout the year. The biggest parties being the cherry blossom viewing party, called Hanami, in Tokyo in the early spring, and the yearly get together, also in Tokyo, in late summer or early fall. The Tokyo get togethers bring in over 100 people each year with some guests flying in from as far away as America and Europe just to join in. Other notable get together is the Kansai meet up, usually in early winter, in Kobe. is a platform for aggregating Japan-related vlogs, but we also encourage content from other surrounding areas such as Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, the Philippines, etc.

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10 May 2019
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Mr. Terukatsu Ishibashi, Dr. Matthew Aaron & 3 Japanese victims speak out


In Japan, electronic harassment and microwave torture are major problems. Three Japanese victims of these crimes present their short testimonials (in English). These targeted victims are part of Mr. Terukatsu Ishibashi’s T.I. Support and Activism Group in Japan ( ). The videos were presented as testimonial submissions for the 2017 First Annual Unity and Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals (October 20-22 at the Mass Audubon Blue Hills Trailside Museum: 1904 Canton Ave., Milton, MA 02186, USA).

Dr. Matthew Aaron gives a short introduction of the three Japanese victims. The video also includes a montage of the global targeted individual movement, which is growing rapidly around the world. The montage contains photographs or works by the following people (in order of appearance), who have taken an interest in the serious problems of organized stalking and electronic harassment, and the criminal targeting of citizens with energy weapons.

Terukatsu Ishibashi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technological Crime Victims Network in Japan ( )

Three Japanese victims (anonymous middle-aged man, Ms. Hime Sakai, and Ms. Megumi)

David Dees (artwork)

Melissa (victim of criminal assault and battery in Oklahoma, with microwave burn on her back as a result of the assault)

Dr. Matthew Aaron (ear burned in Vancouver, Canada, during a criminal microwave assault in a harassment campaign that originated from 1190 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada; ; also see Matthew Aaron’s YouTube channel, at and his Vimeo channel, at )

Midge (severe electromagnetic injuries on and around each eye, due to a horrific criminal attack in Arizona)

James Lico (broad upper body injury from radio frequency assault in Oregon; )

Group photo from the First Annual Unity & Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals (Boston, MA, Oct., 2017; )

Group of American T.I.s from east-coast states (taken from a very successful activism video on YouTube ( )

Stephen Shellenberger (targeted individual-inspired film and artwork; his film is titled "Spark")

Stephen Watson ( )

Ella Free (FFTI, Freedom For Targeted Individuals, at ; also see the Ella Free YouTube channel, at )

Terry Brewer ( )

Karen Stewart

Tortured in America, by Michael D. Fleming

Vigilantism and Terrorism with Directed-Energy Weapons: Emerging Global Threats to Public Safety, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, by Dr. Matthew Aaron (a thorough, sworn and signed account of the criminal targeting perpetrated against Matthew by a high-tech organized crime group operating in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Dr. Aaron sent copies of this crime report to [among others] the Attorney General of Canada, the Commissioner of the RCMP, the Chair of the CRTC, the Chief of Police in Vancouver, the Mayor of Vancouver, the FBI, and the FBI-PFI Futures Working Group)

Debbie Newhook (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)

No Ordinary Stalking: A Look at Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (by June Ti; also see )

Peter Mooring ( )

Mojmir Babacek (Mojmír Babáček)

Dr. John Hall

Paolo Fiora

Barrie Trower

Dr. Katherine Horton ( )

ICAACT logo ( )

March against organized stalking & electronic harassment in Osaka, Japan (October 13, 2013), led by Mr. Terukatsu ISHIBASHI, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technological Crime Victims Network in Japan ( ). Video obtained from the YouTube channel of 被害者の会: )

Chinese targeted individuals protesting in Bayi Square, beside Bayi Tower, in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, on June 19, 2016 (video obtained from the YouTube channel of lsc970: )


A group of prominent T.I.-activists in Poland, where the targeted individual movement is particularly strong ( )


STOP! テクノロジー犯罪・嫌がらせ犯罪 in 大阪デモ行進!

第1回 STOP! テクノロジー犯罪・嫌がらせ犯罪 in 大阪デモ行進!
 開催日時 : 2013年10 月13 日 (日曜日)
 集合場所 : 久宝公園(きゅうほうこうえん)
 解散場所 : 元町中公園(もとまちなかこうえん)
 スタート: 久宝公園(きゅうほうこうえん)  

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10 May 2019
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